defaultsettings Icon Defaultsettings This client mod offers the ability of creating and using modpacks which ship custom settings, entries in the server list or even custom keybindings without having them overwriting your local settings every time the modpack updates.
Transparency Icon Jomcraft Transparency Internet scam is a long know but still increasing danger. Many users can't distinguish scam sites from real ones, also because scammers are getting better. Jomcraft Transparency is a tool that you can use to check wether a website is scam or not. With this Jomcraft Network is trying to make the internet a safer place.
statsapi Icon Stats API The stats API provides a plattform for collecting anonymized user data to improve the product quality. Information such as start time and hardware resources will be collected and used as a database for engine improvements.
noItemDespwan Icon No Item Despawn This mod grants the feature of modifying the despawn-cooldown of items laying around on a minecraft server or client.
Besides the fact, that their time on earth (or other planets =D ) is modifiable, everything else works like they were normal items laying around on the ground.
serverpassword Icon Server password This client & server-side mod allows you to set a specific password for your Minecraft Forge server.
On the serverside, the password is saved as an highly secure one-way-encrypted text and additionally the client connects with a safe asymmetric-encrypted connection to your server, which should meet your needs as it makes password theft as hard as possible.
verical Slabs Icon Vertical Slabs This mod adds vertical slabs for all of your desires. You want to have a thin wall? No problem with vertical slabs. And you allso can place them in a row with the included building wand. That\'s a must - have for every minecraft builder.
backpack Icon JC Backpack This is a mod, which adds a backpack to store all your items. No more worries about inventory space.
Note: Mathematically it couldn\'t solve the knapsack problem, but you should get along with it :)
Discontinued sync Icon Sync Mod A mod for dynamically load modpacks into the game without the need to restart the game. A further key features is the automated downloading of server modpacks